CMS 600 Constant Monitoring System – Constant Pollutant Monitoring

Pollutants like milk, wine and acids or alkaline products are water-soluble and can be extremely harmful to the environment.

By monitoring the run-off from your site you can prevent the potential penalties associated with a spill of these products.

The Fox CMS 600 Constant Monitoring System system is designed to allow site run-off to flow to the stormwater network while providing a constant monitor of the quality of the run-off. 

CMS 600 Constant Monitoring System

If a predetermined level of contaminants is detected in the run-off, the system will divert the flow to a contaminant tank or similar and notify that a significant event has occurred. Following detection, the system continues to monitor the run-off quality. When the pollutant has been diverted the run-off will again be allowed to go to the stormwater system.

CMS 600 Constant Monitoring System Applications

The Fox CMS600 system is especially suited for installation in wineries, milk depots and chemical plants. A Fox CMS600 system will monitor the runoff from a site and ensure that it is free from soluble pollutants.

This system provides a means of detection, diversion and notification that a spill of soluble pollutant (milk, wine or other chemicals) has occurred.