Contamination Shower Diversion System

One of the main uses for a Contamination Shower Diversion System is at Hospitals or other Medical facilities in order to shower down victims and emergency personnel who have been exposed to contaminants by either accident or deliberate action.

This will eliminate the exposure of medical personnel and others on the inside to the chemical or contaminate. The designated shower area will insure that chemicals and contaminates are diverted and contained in a holding tank and not allowed into the storm water or sewer system. The Fox Diversion System Chemical Shower will not allow rain water into the holding tank.

chemical shower

Beach use is to keep sun tan lotions and oils from entering the waterways by requiring beach goers to shower at designated areas which will automatically divert the shower water to sewer or other treatment while keeping storm water out of the treatment system.

How the Contamination Shower Diversion System works

The Ingenious Fox Diversion System Shower can be used at any outside site requiring the wash down and capture of contaminated materials and are automatically operated by turning on the shower. When the shower is activated, the diversion valve in the diversion pit will automatically open diverting all wash water to the designated treatment of sanitary sewer, holding tank or oil/water separator.

When the shower is not in use the diversion valve is automatically closed. Rainwater will now simply fill the pit and flow out the stormwater outlet eliminating the need for a roofed area and also eliminate the treating of clean rainwater.