Oil Water Separators

The most economical solution for the removal of floating debris and silts from stormwater run-off is the Fox gross pollution collection trap (GPCT). 

The GPCT will replace a conventional stormwater catch pit and will protect the environment from pollutants such as plastic bags, trash and cigarette butts by treating the run-off at the source.

Oil Water Separator

Multiple units are installed over the site to ensure that effective cover is provided for the site. As these units are replacing a conventional pit they offer a major cost saving by eliminating the IN-line interceptors required by local authorities as part of their water management plan.

Fox Oil Water / Solids Separators are enhanced gravity separators that are effective in the removal of non-emulsified oils from the waste stream. They are designed to reduce effluent oil content to less than 30pmm and lower in controlled situations. Polyethylene vertical tube packs are used for greater efficiency and ease of cleaning.