Pond Aerators

pondAeration is an important and essential process in order to maintain clean, breathable water. Since Earth’s natural materials and organisms, such as leaves, fish and various wastes, either inhabit or make their way into small bodies of water, keeping it clean is crucial to water’s health. As these organisms begin the decaying process, they use up vital oxygen supply and release toxins that contaminate the water. Problems worsen when the decaying organisms begin to multiply, leading to rapid loss of dissolvable oxygen.When is a pond aerator necessary?

Pond aerators enable all depths of water the capability to house living organisms, regulate the growth of algae and aid in suspending organic material from making a permanent home at the bottom of a pond or lake. It is important for pond aeration to occur all year long. An aerator is important in warm months because it supplies necessary oxygen to the water’s warm surface and works deep to mix with the cooler, murkier bottom feet of water. In colder weather, pond aeration keeps the pond from freezing and enables water movement and flow even when temperatures are nearing zero.

Pond aerators can be used for treatment of water problems or as a precautionary measure to ensure your water stays healthy and never lacks oxygen supply. It is not difficult to detect problems in a pond or lake. Although a pond aerator always improves water condition, there are certain facts to consider if you are on the fence with buying a pond aerator. Is your water looking lifeless or murky? Is there decay or algae growth at the surface or parameters of the water? Is the pond deep enough for colonies of fish to inhabit?

We’ve all seen beautiful looking ponds that over the years are not well tended. Soon enough, the pond has morphed into an unsightly swamp with growth covering the surface. To much disbelief, a problem does not need to arise in order to consider the possibilities and potential of a high-quality pond aeration system. Contact Environmental Equipment Engineering today to get more information on why pond aeration is important and how we can assist you in finding a suitable, affordable pond aerator.