Floating Aerators for Lagoons, Ponds and Lakes

The EEE Floating Aerator is the most effective, energy efficient surface aerator available on the market today for ponds, lagoon, and lakes. It's also the most affordable and backed by a 10-year warranty on all non-moving parts and three years warranty on the motor and propeller.

Floating Aerator Components:

  • Motor
  • Propeller
  • Float
  • Diffuser

The diffuser is secured in place with Variable Water Mooring Systems.

Propeller Design

The propeller is designed to pull water and solids from the basin bottom and discharge out through the aerator diffuser at a 90-degree angle from the motor and back into the basin creating wave action to induce maximum oxygen and mixing into the basin volume.

EEE Floating Aerators offer Superior Performance

You’ll discover that EEE Floating Aerators are designed and engineered differently from other surface aerators. Our technicians have over 25 years of experience in the hand lay-up method of fiberglass modeling, and as efficient as our floating aerator is, it continues to improve. The result is the smoothest, best-looking surface aerator in the world. And it works every bit as beautifully and efficiently as it looks, with greater water turnover capacity (gpm) per horsepower than any other aerator we know of.

But don’t just take our word for it, compare our floating aerator specs to our competitor’s specifications.

We back our knowledge of superior performance with a warranty that no other manufacturer dares to offer – 10 years on all non-moving parts, two years on the motor and propeller. A better water flow begins with better streamlining.

Computer Aided Design

Floating surface aerator spec drawing

Thanks to computer-aided design and unitized fiberglass construction, the EEE Floating Aerator has the smoothest curved intake, volute and discharge passage of any surface aerator. 

The natural curved intake bell-to volute-to discharge design of EEE Floating Surface Aerators promotes the highest gallon per minute rating of any aerator on the market. The less efficient design of competing aerators actually retards water flow and efficient oxygenation.

EEE aerators have pumping flow rates 30% higher than the flow rates published by other aerator manufacturers. In one recent comparison, a 20 hp EEE aerator delivered 15,365 gallons per minute while a competitor’s 20 hp unit pumped a mere 8,321 – proof that EEE units are highly efficient. And that means ultimate savings in operational costs as well.

The EEE diffuser is not only 150% to 400% heavier but also larger in diameter to eliminate spray-back that could freeze up and corrode the motor as in the case of most aerators. All EEE aerators have large diffusers – the result of extensive engineering research – and these diffusers offer a number of important advantages:

  • The large EEE diffuser provides more surface for the inrushing water to follow
  • The spray is less susceptible to wind drift
  • The heavy-duty construction of stainless steel and fiberglass reinforced resin makes it 150% to 400% heavier than diffusers found on competitive aerators.
  • The weight of the EEE diffuser minimizes vibration such that it balances out below 0.20 mils vibration peak to peak, a rating significantly better than the 2.0 mils level considered acceptable throughout the aerator industry.

EEE manufactures a full range of aerators including Floating Aerators, Floating Mixers, Submersible Motor Aerators, Dual Speed Models, and Stainless Steel Models. Click on the links on the right to see specification sheets for our full range of aerators.

The best Floating Aerator in the world

At EEE we have only one purpose. To continue making the best aerator anywhere in the world and we believe we do. 

We know of no aerator with a more efficient design, no aerator with a higher pumping rate per horsepower, no aerator with a more durable type of construction, and no aerator with a longer warranty.

And that’s why so many facilities prefer our aerator over any other.

Pond, Lagoon and Lake Aeration

Aeration is an important and essential process in order to maintain clean, breathable water.

Since Earth’s natural materials and organisms, such as leaves, fish and various wastes, either inhabit or make their way into small bodies of water, keeping it clean is crucial to water’s health. As these organisms begin the decaying process, they use up vital oxygen supply and release toxins that contaminate the water. Problems worsen when the decaying organisms begin to multiply, leading to rapid loss of dissolvable oxygen.

Floating Aerator operating in tricky conditions

When is Aeration Necessary?

Lagoon, Lake and Pond Aerators enable all depths of water the capability to house living organisms, regulate the growth of algae and aid in suspending organic material from making a permanent home at the bottom of a pond, lagoon or lake.

Lagoon Aerators on Truck

It is important for aeration to occur all year long. An aerator is important in warm months because it supplies necessary oxygen to the water’s warm surface and works deep to mix with the cooler, murkier bottom feet of water. In colder weather, aeration keeps the pond, lagoon or lake from freezing and enables water movement and flow even when temperatures are nearing zero.

floating aerators loaded on truck

Floating Aerators can be used for the treatment of existing problems or as a precautionary measure to ensure your water stays healthy and never lacks oxygen supply.

It is not difficult to detect problems in a pond or lake. Although a pond aerator always improves water conditions, there are certain facts to consider if you are on the fence with buying a pond aerator.

  • Is your water looking lifeless or murky?
  • Is there decay or algae growth at the surface or parameters of the water?
  • Is the pond deep enough for colonies of fish to inhabit?

We’ve all seen beautiful looking ponds, lagoons and lakes that over the years are not well tended. Soon enough, they morph into an unsightly swamp with growth covering the surface.

A problem does not need to arise in order to consider the possibilities and potential of a high-quality pond aeration system. Contact Environmental Equipment Engineering today to get more information on why a Floating Aerator is critical to this process and how we can assist you in finding a suitable, affordable aerator.