EEE Floating Aerators. The Best Wastewater Lagoon Aerators Available.

Although other aerators may look similar the resemblance stops there. At Environmental Equipment Engineering we strive to make our Floating Aerators the best in terms of aeration efficiency, performance, and durability.

Our technicians have over 45 years of experience in the hand lay-up method of fibreglass modelling. As efficient as our products are, they continue to improve. There's no better pond, lake or wastewater lagoon aerator on the market.

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Malaysia wastewater treatment installation. Six x 20 hp EEE Surface Lagoon Aerators.

With a pumping rate of 15,365 GPM the wastewater lagoon is completely mixed in less than 20 minutes. Notice the low discharge profile, increased mixing and oxygen dispersion? No spray back contact on the motor prevents corrosion and freezing in winter.

Superior Efficiency and Performance

EEE aerators have pumping flow rates 30% higher than flow rates published by other aerator manufacturers. As a result, in one recent comparison, a 20 hp EEEUSA aerator delivered 15,365 gallons per minute. Comparatively a competitor’s 20 hp unit pumped a mere 8,321. EEE units are highly efficient and that means big savings in aeration costs.

One of the most notable differences between our Surface Aerators and our competitors is the aeration efficiency of our products. The intake and outtake openings are larger than competing models. This allows for higher volume oxygen transfer and more efficient wastewater treatment.

The interior surface of the aerator is perfectly smooth, forming a graceful, natural radius. Water approaches the intake evenly from all directions. No angles or rough edges are encountered. As water passes through the aerator, turbulence and exit losses are reduced to almost nothing.

Our surface aerator also has a larger diffuser. This provides more surface for the water to follow. Water rushes out in a high velocity spray pattern. This forms a storm like wave action, increasing the diameter of mixing, oxygen dispersion, and transfer.

Due to the superior design of our aerator, the motor also operates more efficiently.
A 20 horsepower motor on an EEE Floating Aerator will pump almost twice the amount of water of a 20 horsepower motor on a competitor model.

  • Since our aerators will pump more water than other models, the rate of oxygen transfer increases by 30 - 40%
  • As there is little spray back to cause corrosion or freezing there is virtually no chance for motor failure.


EEE Floating Aerators are built to last.

The Perfect Mold

For both performance and durability, the starting point for our Floating Aerators is a perfect mold. We've spent many years perfecting the molds in which we manufacture our floats and diffusers. The quality of the mold ensures the quality of the final product.

Superior Structural Strength

Our craftsmen apply layers of fiberglass by hand. This allows us to use a 45 - 55% glass to resin ratio, the ideal mix for optimum strength. The fiberglass on any EEE Floating Aerator will be between one-quarter inch thick and up to three-quarters of an inch thick. We reinforce the throat of the aerator with encapsulated steel ribs. The resins we use are chemical resistant and impervious to sand, grit and other abrasives. 

A More Robust Diffuser

In addition to our superior structural strength, we make the diffuser far heavier (up to 400% in some instances) than competitor models. For example, a 40 horsepower aerator from EEE includes a diffuser that weighs 900 pounds. The weight of competing diffusers for a 40 horsepower aerator is approximately 200 pounds.

Another example is that on our 5 horsepower aerator the diffuser weighs 187 pounds. The weight of one of our competitors on a 25 horsepower aerator is 150 pounds.

Reduced Vibration

The heavier diffuser also greatly reduced vibration. The industry accepted level for aerator vibration is 2.0 ml, peak to peak. Our lagoon aerator balances out at a significantly better .2ml peak to peak.

Another reason vibration is so low on our aerators is because of the way we mount the motor base to the diffuser top. Unlike some competitor’s models which mount a motor on four posts. Our motors rest on the diffuser with a 360 degree machined indexed bit.

Reduced vibration means the EEE Floating Lagoon Aerator will operate trouble free for much longer periods than other models, providing more efficient aeration.

Superior Design

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Utlising computer-aided design and unitized fiberglass construction. The EEE Floating Aerator has the smoothest curved intake, volute and discharge passage of any surface lagoon aerator.

The natural curved intake bell-to volute-to discharge design promotes the highest gallon per minute rating of any aerator on the market. The less efficient design of competing aerators actually retards water flow and efficient oxygenation.

The EEE diffuser is not only 150% to 400% heavier but also larger in diameter to eliminate spray-back. Spray back that could otherwise freeze and corrode the motor.

All EEE aerators have large diffusers. This is the result of extensive aeration engineering research. These diffusers offer a number of important advantages:

  • The large EEE diffuser provides more surface for the inrushing water to follow
  • The spray is less susceptible to wind drift
  • The heavy-duty construction of stainless steel and fibreglass reinforced resin makes it 150% to 400% heavier than diffusers found on competitive aerators.
  • The weight of the EEE diffuser minimises vibration. Such that it balances out below 0.20 mils vibration peak to peak. This is significantly better than the 2.0 mils level considered acceptable throughout the aerator industry.

Propeller Design

The propeller is designed to pull water and solids from the basin bottom and discharge out through the aerator diffuser to the surface. It does this at a 90-degree angle from the motor before being returned into the basin. The wave action induces maximum oxygen and mixing into the basin volume.

Ten Year Warranty

EEE offers a ten-year warranty on all non-moving parts. Any defect or fault of the float or diffuser over a ten year period will be replaced or repaired at no charge. We also offer a two-year warranty on the motor. This represents a full year over the warranty offered by the manufacturer of the motor.

You simply cannot buy a better surface Aerator for your lagoon, lake or pond and you can’t get a better warranty. Here’s what one engineering firm has to say about the EEE floating aerator.

“ We have specified and observed the operation of your products in many varied installations. We do not know of a failure at any of these installations due to aerator design or construction. The units have all operated excellently and, to our knowledge, none have required warranty service or replacement”

We know our Floating Aerators are superior in terms of performance and durability. In fact, we are so confident we'll put our products up against anybody else's aerator. 

The challenge published nationally and repeated here is for a side by side comparison of surface aerator. Testing would be carried out by an impartial engineering firm in an impartial facility. The loser would pay for the cost of the testing. Simple and fair. Unsurprisingly so far there have been no takers.

Wastewater Treatment: Why Aeration is Vital

Aeration is essential in order to maintain water quality. 

Earth’s natural materials and organisms either inhabit or enter small bodies of water including wastewater lagoons and treatment ponds through various means.  As these organisms begin the decaying process, they use up vital oxygen supply and release toxins. These toxins contaminate the water. Problems worsen when the decaying organisms begin to multiply, leading to a rapid loss of dissolvable oxygen.

We’ve all seen beautiful ponds, lagoons and lakes that over the years are not well tended. Soon enough, they morph into an unsightly swamp with growth covering the surface. Aeration can prevent this decline and help maintain water quality.

We know our products

At Environmental Equipment Engineering we have one purpose. To continue making the best wastewater treatment, pond, lake and lagoon aerator in the world and we believe we do. 

We know of no floating aerator with a more efficient design, higher pumping rate per horsepower or durable construction. No aerator has a longer warranty.

And that’s why so many facilities prefer our aerator over any other.

Floating Aerator working in difficult conditions
Floating Surface Aerator in operation

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Does your water looking lifeless or murky?

  • Have you noticed decay or algae growth at the surface or perimeter of the water?
  • Is the lagoon or pond deep enough for colonies of fish to inhabit?

A problem does not need to arise in order to consider the possibilities and potential of a high-quality pond, lagoon aeration system.

EEE manufactures a full range of Floating Aerators, Wastewater Lagoon Aerators, Mixers, Submersible Aerators, Dual Speed and Stainless Steel Models to facilitate effective and efficient aeration.

We also supply wastewater treatment products including oil water separators and first flush systems. Click on the links on the right to see spec sheets for our range of products or Contact Environmental Equipment Engineering today.