The Environmental Equipment Company You Can Rely On

EEE (Environmental Equipment Engineering) is the environmental equipment company you can trust to deliver unsurpassed durability and performance. With over 45 years experience creating the finest environmental equipment available our products speak for themselves and are constantly being refined to improve performance and efficiency.

Floating Aerators

A floating aerator manufactured by EEE is the most energy efficient wastewater floating aerator on the market. It’s true that most high-speed aerators look similar to an EEE aerator. They have an electric motor on top of a diffuser supported by a float. Under the float, a tube or throat encloses a drive shaft and a propeller. In operation, water goes in at the bottom and out the top. The similarities end right here, however, because the way these elements are designed and engineered varies from aerator to aerator.

For superior performance, a water aerator must have a smooth finished, natural curve to its throat without any rippling impediments, a curve that allows fast, unrestricted flow of water. Only one environmental equipment company can produce an aerator that has all these attributes, the aerator we manufacture at Environmental Equipment Engineering. So tough that EEE gives you a TEN-year warranty.

Wastewater Diversion Systems, Inc.

Wastewater Diversion SystemsWDS, Inc. is the sole USA distributor of Fox Environmental Systems, some of the most effective, high-quality water diversion systems on the market. These stormwater management systems are ingenious. Only one of a kind in the world.