Wastewater Diversion Systems

Clean water is extremely essential to our health. Our waterways contain a heavy presence of pollutants and toxins such as oil, gas, and chemicals. Pathogens, which include bacteria, parasites and viruses contaminate our water supply, and without efficient wastewater systems, lead to disease.

Other harmful pollutants pervading clean water supply are phosphorous and nitrogen. These aquatic plant nutrients cause eutrophication leading to the lack of oxygen flow to surface waters. These elements are what make it critical in testing, clarifying, and flushing water using high-tech wastewater systems.

Stormwater Diversion Systems

There are many diverse wastewater systems on the market today. Selecting the appropriate wastewater system type, size, and location depends on the site, wastewater flow and composition, and the overall landscape of the area. Environmental Equipment Engineering is a leading distributor of the Fox Environmental Wastewater System.

“Washdown systems” are highly advanced and extremely durable models of wastewater systems. With spray-head units, these systems are the most cost effective solution for treating wastewater. These wastewater systems can endure harsh outdoor conditions, and they are the exceptionally easy to install. First Flush wastewater systems work to catch contaminated water at the commencement of rainfall from areas where water becomes stagnant, and automatically diverts the subsequent cleaner rainwater to the storage system. A Gross Pollutant Collection Trap is another advanced option in wastewater systems. Its customizable trap is fitted to the end of stormwater pipes, and immediately begins to restrain pollutants and waste. This model is extremely reliable because it has no moving parts. In addition, it is simple to maintain, making it extremely cost effective.

With such various and diverse wastewater systems, it is important to speak with other professionals in the water treatment field to discuss criteria and specifics in choosing wastewater systems. Contact Environmental Equipment Engineering today to learn more about the models of wastewater systems in which we specialize.