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Floating Aerators 

Environmental Equipment Engineering's Lagoon Aerator

Environmental Equipment Engineering's Floating Aerator is the most effective and energy efficient available. It is also the most affordable. 

For ultimate water quality for lagoon, ponds, lakes and wastewater applications contact us today.

Submersible Aerators


Our Submersible Aerators are ideal for shallow lagoons and ponds and come with our ten year warranty excluding the prop and motor.

Lightweight and sturdy construction utilising the latest fibreglass construction techniques.

Wastewater Diversion Products

First Flush System Model FF 600

EEE is a leading distributor of Fox wastewater diversion and environmental monitoring equipment.

There are many wastewater systems on the market today. We can assist you with selecting the appropriate wastewater system for your requirements.

Specification Sheets

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John J. Simmons

“In the three years … that EEE mixers were in operation, we did not have the first problem with the equipment, although they were working in the worst possible conditions.”

John J. Simmons ... Vice President Advanced Waste Management

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