It’s easy to get pumped up about our
Engineered, Energy Efficient Floating Aerators

AERATORS-HOMEEEE, Inc. Floating Aerators and Lagoon Aerators are unsurpassed in Appearance, Construction, Performance, Workmanship and Warranty. With an EEE Floating Aerator, you receive everything you expect in major equipment purchases.

Have you heard the expression “Beauty is only skin deep”? What about a skin up to 3/4″ thick of Hand Laid Fiberglass? That is the skin of a professionally and beautifully fabricated EEE Aerator. The EEE Floating Aerator is heavier and more durable than others on the market. For example, the 900 lb EEE 40 HP diffuser without the motor weighs more than other manufacturers’ complete 7.5 or 10 HP aerators!

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