Spill Control System 600

A spill of hydrocarbons entering our waterways will have a disastrous impact on the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Penalties for these breaches will include the cost of rectification and clean up as well as fines and limitations on the continuation of the business. The Fox SCS600 Spill Control System will eliminate the risk of these events by monitoring the runoff from your site and, if a significant spill is detected, retains pollutants on the premises for appropriate treatment or disposal.

SCS 600 Spill Control SystemSpill Control System 600 – DETECT, DIVERT and NOTIFY

The Spill Control System 600 Diversion System is designed to DETECT, DIVERT and NOTIFY of free-floating hydrocarbons in stormwater run-off.

Unlike the First Flush System that collects a large volume of water to be treated, the Spill Control System 600 works on a different concept that collects a small volume regardless of how large the catchment area may be.

The SCS600 provides 24 hours spill protection of very large areas. It allows stormwater to flow through the system and collects minor spills of contaminants.

The SCS600 system is ideally suited to installations such as bulk liquid storage facilities, service stations, chemical transfer, and refueling areas.

A Fox SCS600 unit is suitable for applications where there is a need to prevent spillage of hydrocarbons (oils or fuels) or other free-floating non-soluble contaminants from entering the stormwater system. If the potential contaminant is water soluble then a Fox CMS600 Constant Monitoring System may be the correct unit for the application.