DD 400 Washdown System

A major concern to our waterways is contamination from quantities of pollution generated by the washing of items such as rubbish bins and cars in high-rise building developments.

Motor vehicle wash-water will contain not only detergents but also significant amounts of free-floating hydrocarbons including leaking oils and lubricants and dust from brake linings. 

This pollution must be prevented from entering the stormwater network. The Fox DD400 Washdown system is a small, economical unit that can be installed in new developments to provide a facility where these items can be cleaned efficiently without detriment to the environment.

A very small investment during the construction of high-rise and residential developments will provide enormous protection to our environment from pollution generated in the area of washdown facilities.

A Fox DD400 Washdown System is suitable for applications where a simple washdown process is taking place but the generation of silt is limited. The system does not have the capability to handle silt; in applications where silt is present the Fox DD600 system should be installed.